Can computers generate random numbers

can computers generate random numbers

You can program a machine to generate what can be called “ random ” numbers, but the machine is always at the mercy of its programming. “On a completely. Computers can generate truly random numbers by observing some outside data, like mouse movements or fan noise, which is not predictable. In the purest sense, computers can 't generate truly random numbers, instead they generate pseudo random numbers based on a programmed. can computers generate random numbers


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Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. It should be noted that even though good PRNG algorithms exist, they aren't always used, and it's easy to get nasty surprises. The reason we think these specific particles behave randomly is simply that no human measurement has been able to account for their behaviour. Some simple examples might be presenting a user with a "Random Quote of the Day", or determining which way a computer-controlled adversary might move in a computer game. It's entirely possible that a true random number generator will give the same result ten times in a row. A good PRNG won't be seeded by the time, but can still be seeded from a relatively small amount of information that's impractical to brute-force, but is occasionally guessable if it comes from a bad source. Online and print sources that I think are interesting for the topic of randomness.

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